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19 Jokes About Procrastination That You Can Laugh At Tomorrow

Why do today what you can put off until a couple hours before the due date?

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1. When you procrastinate so much that even infinite time wouldn't help:

2. When you wish there was some kind of program for you:

3. When you realize you just have to half-ass it to meet your deadline:

4. When you ponder HOW people actually just do stuff:

5. When that creeping sense of dread sneaks in:

6. When you know you didn't REALLY try your best:

7. When there's literally nothing that can stop your procrastination train:

Loryn Brantz / Abid Anwar / BuzzFeed

8. Like, literally nothing:

9. And there's literally nothing you won't put off until later:

10. When you try every trick to get yourself moving:

11. When not even a planner gets the job done:

Karina Farek / BuzzFeed

12. When you finish one thing and pretty much call it a day:

13. When your procrastination leads to innovation:

14. When you even put off sleeping, even though sleeping is great:

15. And it's usually thanks to YouTube:

16. Or those damn Harry Potter marathons:

Mike Hinson / BuzzFeed

17. When you realize that it probably runs in the family:

18. When you're willing to go to some serious lengths to NOT do the one thing you're supposed to:

19. But it works out, because at least you got something done in the end:

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