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    19 Hilarious Photos That Prove We Don't Deserve Cats

    It's like they're aliens sent here to be adorable and confuse us.

    1. OK, we need to talk about cats.

    2. Because there's no way that cats are real.

    3. I mean, just look at this photo.

    4. Or this morning tableau.

    5. What are they even made out of??

    6. There's such diversity in facial expressions.

    7. And in grumpiness.

    8. I mean...

    9. ...come on.

    10. They don't do well with filters.

    11. Or tinfoil.

    12. Or tables, really.

    13. They do things their own way.

    14. And they have their own method of communication.

    15. You have to keep them happy or they might burn your house down.

    16. Honestly, lasers and computers are pretty much just for them.

    17. Which is interesting, because sometimes it seems like cats can't even be explained by science.

    18. But no matter what torture we put them through...

    19.'s pretty clear we need them.

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