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    19 Photos Of Food That'll Make You Say "No. Nope."

    You think you've seen every food fail in the world, then someone makes jam out of Pringles.

    1. When someone took things literally and actually made a jam out of Pringles.

    2. When someone discovered a new combination.

    3. When someone cooked their chicken medium rare.

    4. When...wait, why?

    5. When the tomato soup wasn't tomato soup.

    6. When someone needed a little a public restroom.

    7. When someone didn't realize what the internet would think.

    8. When someone didn't check the lettering from all angles.

    9. When someone made breakfast sandwiches.

    10. When someone created a monster.

    11. When someone made...uh...grilled cheese?

    12. When the plating was on point.

    13. When someone made a pickle-flavored slushie.

    14. When someone forgot to de-shell their banana.

    15. When someone mixed cuisines.

    16. When someone found the perfect dipping sauce.

    17. When someone needed wings and a nap.

    18. When someone took St. Patrick's Day too far.

    19. And finally, when someone just said "fuck it."