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19 People Who Are Much Worse At Their Job Than You

No matter what happens, you're better at your job than these people.

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1. You would have definitely done a better job than this translator.

2. You would've absolutely gotten this name right.

3. You're so much better at your job than this dumb phone is.

4. You know what bacon is. And what juice is. And that they are not the same thing.

5. You would've done a better job of installing this security gate.

6. And you would've chosen a better spot for these parking blocks.

7. You probably would have known not to install this door upside-down.

8. You would have to have been able to do a better job marking this road, just by default.

9. You wouldn't have mixed these titles up, unless you were purposefully being hilarious.

10. You would've remembered the Y.

11. And the T.

12. You could have totally found a better spot for this sign.

13. You would've taken the time to actually find the URL.

14. And you would've remembered to actually add the name.

15. You might not know everything, but you know what dogs look like.

16. And you know what this customer actually wanted on their cake.

17. You know not to start fandom wars at work.

18. And you can tell time so much better than this clock.

19. You know who Batman is.

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