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17 People Who Got Called The Fuuuuuuck Out

Pro tip: Don't lie on the internet. People will know.

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1. The girl who got a new car.

Got a new carπŸ˜«πŸ˜πŸ’—πŸ™ˆ

2. The person whose sudden wealth only caused more problems.

3. And speaking of Jimmy John's...

4. The person who definitely did NOT post this themselves.

5. The Nutella fan who wasn't a real Nutella fan.

6. The girl who wasn't about to take any judgment.

7. The guy who forgot to close his browser.

So we just gone act like ole boy wasn't on porn hub then realized it

8. The 15-year-old who probably didn't drink or know things.

9. The girl who had a REAL childhood.

10. The gurl who definitely wasn't a Belieber.

11. The totally original joke-writer.

12. The political pundit.

13. The person who tried to compare.

14. This hard-working student athlete.

15. This vegan.

16. This guy's mom.

My mother is out here lying on Facebook. My nephew speaks in Power Ranger quotes, he ain't say none of this.

17. And finally, the person who tried to call BS and got called out.

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