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19 Disney Movies Paused At Just The Right Moment

If you pause Disney movies at juuuuuuuust the right time...

1. When Aladdin turned into Elvis for a second.

2. When the light hit Ursula just right.

3. When Tarzan's neck was made of putty.

4. When the Sultan got his whole hand (and like half his arm) all up in there.

5. When Flynn and Maximus were...I dunno, at a rave?

6. When the lamp became a glowing sea urchin.

7. When both Tarzan's and Jane's faces went into weird territory.

8. When Princess Ting-Ting stretched her face just a little.

9. When Prince Eric needed a moment.

10. When Bubbles lost half his face for a second.

11. When Tarzan made this face.

12. When Aladdin got yelled at so hard that the bones left his body.

13. When, uh, this happened.

14. When Gaston really freaked out.

15. When Flynn's anatomy was a little unclear.

16. When Colette needed a minute.

17. When Flynn was maybe taking a dump?

18. When Jessie maybe really needed to sneeze?

19. And finally, when Anna punched Hans so hard her fist disappeared into his face.


The rather distorted face from Mulan is now correctly identified as Princess Ting-Ting.