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18 Hilariously Funny Moments From "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

"And what sound does an Arctic tern make?" "BACKSTREET BOYS!"

1. When Ryan and Colin came up with the worst musical ever.

2. When an audience member just totally burned Colin.

3. When Ryan nailed it.

4. When Brad worked some TV magic.

5. When Ryan's etiquette was lacking.

6. When nobody had to say anything.

7. When Ryan came up with a pretty good slogan.

8. When Jeff got too excited.

9. When things got pretty dark.

10. When Colin cranked the window.


11. When Ryan had a pretty solid pick-up line.

12. And another one.

13. When Colin became an amateur ornithologist.

14. When Colin just couldn't resist a pun.

15. When Ryan started a fight.

16. When Colin just went for it.

17. When Wayne gave us the crossover we all need.

18. And finally, when Colin made the greatest pun of all time.