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    18 Tumblr Responses That Made The Original Post 1000% Better

    It's all about the reblogs, baby.

    1. Sometimes, Tumblr posts are funny on their own. A one-stop shop. But other times...

    2. ...the original post is given a boost by a really flippin' funny response.

    3. It could be a reaction to an interesting fact...

    4. ...or a bit of a dialogue between two people...

    5. ...or a riff that people keep picking up and running with.

    6. A horrifying image could have an even more horrifying response.

    7. Or a wholesome image could get even more wholesome.

    8. Occasionally, you might get a song stuck in your head.

    9. Or you might read something and think, "Damn, it me."

    10. Sometimes, just a pic is all you need for a response that'll make anyone cry-laugh.

    11. Or you can go with the sarcastic comment.

    12. Personally, I'm a fan of the ones that are possible misunderstandings, but it's hard to tell because it's also a really good joke.

    13. But I'm also partial to a good old-fashioned pun.

    14. But the best ones really just paint a picture. They offer a mental image, ya know?

    15. Or they completely undercut the picture that was just painted.

    16. Occasionally, you'll read one that'll pop into your brain later. I dare you to even look at a peanut now without thinking "heehoo peenut."

    17. And I hope to god you can scrub the word "slunchy" from your brain.

    18. Basically, I'm in awe of the dumb, brilliant, meme-tastic creativity on display. Well done, everyone.

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