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    18 Tumblr Posts For People Who Are Slightly Obsessed With Language

    "I'm like the Russian language. Sometimes I'm randomly stressed when I don't expect to be and I don't know why."

    1. Each language has its quirks.

    2. Like feminine and masculine objects, for example.

    3. It's always evolving, too.

    4. Can we talk about how the French language handles numbers?

    5. Actually, forget numbers. This is even better.

    6. Even when you get all the words right, you have to learn the rhythm.

    7. And practicing can be tough because you're never really ready.

    8. It can all be a little difficult when you've become an old.

    9. Even writing in another language is stressful.

    10. Because sometimes you learn things one way, and it doesn't turn out that way IRL.

    11. Especially if people start using slang.

    12. And then there are those language-learning apps, but they can be super weird sometimes.

    13. And when you're multi-lingual, there's this little problem:

    14. But once you learn another language, your joke potential doubles.

    15. And you know how animals sound in other languages.

    16. You start to notice all the intricacies and patterns.

    17. And you find that one language that you fall in love with.

    18. But until you learn every single language, this will be true about at least one of them: