Literally Just 18 Really Fragile Straight People

    Two words: bone titties.

    1. When someone gave this skeleton bone titties.

    2. And someone gave Stitch's girlfriend fur titties.

    3. When this guy made a lot of assumptions.

    4. When this was supposed to be an actual conundrum.

    5. And so was this.

    6. When they used the worst logic for an argument.

    7. When they felt the need to insert themselves into conversations that aren't about them.

    8. When someone wrote these product descriptions.

    9. When nobody had an issue with this, but you show one lesbian couple...

    10. When someone actually made this protest sign.

    11. When someone argued that these gay lions were just bros.

    12. When...wait, what?

    13. When someone actually tried this pick-up line.

    14. When this question was actually asked.

    15. When boys weren't allowed to make their own style decisions, apparently.

    16. When this meme was posted.

    17. When "gay" was apparently a bad word.

    18. And finally, when they wanted a "Straight Pride" month.

    For all of you who keep asking for #StraightPrideMonth