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    18 Slightly Entertaining Things To Do On The Internet When You're Bored

    Trust me and click.

    1. Test how well you see colors with this color-matching game.

    It starts off pretty easy: just move the cursor to match the color of the inside circle. But then you start having to match hue AND saturation, or match two complementary colors at once.

    2. Play Super Nintendo games in your browser.

    Listen, I can't tell you how legal this site is, or how long it'll be up. But it has a bunch of SNES games (as well as games from other systems, but let's be honest, SNES is the GOAT) that are playable right in your browser. It ran a little slow for me in Chrome, but Flash-friendly browsers might run smoother.

    3. Guess which part of the world a random Google Maps screenshot is from.

    Geoguessr will give you a random Google Street View photo, and you have to click on a map of the entire world to guess where you are. It's all about looking for clues!

    4. Scroll through a scale model of the solar system, if the moon was the size of one pixel.

    This interactive project is absolutely mind-blowing, and really hammers home how frickin' big space is. If you scroll manually (which you should), you'll get the best sense of it. Also be sure to look for the button at the bottom right, which will let you travel along at the speed of light. It's slower than you think when you're talking about distances this large.

    5. Learn how to code.

    Codeacademy has some free lessons for learning computer programming and coding. Or, you can try Khan Academy to learn pretty much anything, from math to art history to finance.

    6. Sit in on a free online college lecture.

    If you prefer to just experience some lectures instead of hands-on classes, links you to free online lectures from many different universities.

    7. Find mods for your favorite games that you don't play anymore.

    Maybe you used to play The Sims or Skyrim all the time, but you got bored with them and they're just sitting on your computer, unused. You can breathe some new life into those old games by installing fan-made mods! For example, there are some Sims mods that allow you to be a magical fairy, or more NSFW ones that make Sim sex much less censored and much more graphic. Here's a list to start on Sims 4. You can also often find mods on a game's Steam page, if you bought the game from there.

    8. Play Neopets. It's still there!

    Hey, remember Neopets? It still exists! Unlike those quitters at Club Penguin, Neopets is still running in browsers.

    9. Take a BuzzFeed quiz. Or two. Or fourteen.

    We have a lot of quizzes. Like, a lot. Just sayin'.

    10. Look for ridiculously expensive dream homes on real estate sites.

    Obviously I'm never going to buy a 12-bedroom, 24-bathroom home in Beverly Hills for $135 million, but that won't stop me from checking out the listing and trashing the owner's décor choices like I'm on House Hunters. Zillow, Redfin, and are a few popular sites to try.

    11. Read a classic book for free.

    Project Gutenberg has a huge selection of books that are in the public domain, including novels like Pride and Prejudice or plays like The Importance of Being Earnest. Most of the books are available in various formats, like Kindle files, PDFs, or plain ol' HTML.

    12. Read some really funny webcomics.

    XKCD is pretty great if you love science, and Hark! A Vagrant is perfect for literary/history nerds. Or, you could try Oglaf, which is TOTALLY, COMPLETELY NSFW but often hilarious if you love the fantasy genre.

    13. Learn a new language for free.

    Duolingo has an ever-increasing catalog of languages that you can learn in small chunks whenever you have the spare time. They might not get you completely fluent, but they're great for learning the basics or brushing up your vocab before an international trip.

    14. Think of any famous person, real or fictional, and watch as an online bot guesses whom you're thinking of.

    Akinator has been around for a long time, but if you've never tried it, you really should. It's creepy how good a simple bot is at narrowing down which person you're thinking of by asking yes or no questions.

    15. Mix your own electronic music just by clicking a few buttons.

    This simple but fun mixer allows you to pick a drum beat, a bass line, and some sound loops to create your own music with just a few clicks. It's surprisingly fun to mess around with.

    16. Use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to see what your favorite sites looked like in the past.

    If you're ever feeling nostalgic about the internet, check out's Wayback Machine, which lets you see what a website looked like on a specific date in the past. For example, the above screenshot is what Amazon looked like on Feb. 22, 2008. Look at that early Kindle! And the T-Mobile Curve with a QWERTY keypad!

    17. Play an updated, multiplayer version of Snake with

    Hey, remember that snake game you used to play on your Nokia phone? If you're under 25, you probably don't, but trust me when I say that this is a lot like it. In this game, your snake gets bigger as you eat glowing dots, and you're in an arena with other online players whose snakes might be much bigger than yours.

    18. When all else fails, just click a button to go to a random useless website.,

    I clicked it and was linked to a page that had an endlessly scrolling ASCII horse. Fun!

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