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    If You Love Trivia, Here Are 18 Different Quizzes To Take

    Are you both smart and bored? We've got some quizzes for you.

    1. Here's a timed test of your general knowledge.

    2. Here's a mostly science-based trivia quiz (it's pretty tough).

    3. Are you a fan of The Office? If so, here's a quiz to see how much of the show you remember.

    4. If you know art, try to guess what's missing from these famous paintings!

    6. Speaking of geography, see if you can name 50 countries within three minutes.

    7. History buffs might do well on this Henry VIII quiz.

    8. If you're one of those people that can do math in your head, try to ace this quiz without a calculator.

    9. See how much you ACTUALLY know about condoms, or else.

    10. Oh, and you can test your boob knowledge with this quiz.

    11. Here's a home economics test from 1954. Can you pass it?

    12. Can you tell the difference between Skittles and M&Ms? You can find out by taking this quiz.

    13. Here's a Disney quiz that might stump you: Guess the movie based on just one screencap!

    14. Do you know the human body, or nah?

    15. If you can ace this logic quiz, you should probably apply for the Secret Service.

    16. And if you can pass this one, then congrats! You get to be a United States citizen.

    17. Here's another Very American Quiz about state names.

    18. And if all of those aren't enough for you, here's a company logo trivia quiz to try.