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18 Hilarious Posts About Dungeons & Dragons

"You reach out to push the orc off the bridge *rolls 1* but instead you lightly caress his back. He is uncomfortable."

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1. When the campaign is a little tougher than you expected:

2. When you know exactly how someone could have made such a big mistake...

3. ...because you've seen it happen during a game:

4. When you realize you've learned valuable life skills:

5. When you start to see classes IRL:

6. When you're a little too concerned with stats:

7. When you're pretty sure you can apply an alignment to anything:

8. Like, seriously anything:

9. When you see the perfect embodiment of chaotic good:

10. Actually, maybe this one is perfect:

11. Nope, gotta be this one:

12. When you realize what humans really are:

13. When you feel helpless as a bard:

14. But then you remember that bards are awesome:

Warner Bros. / Via Facebook: dndmemes

15. And helpful:

16. When you roll the most awkward 1 ever.

17. When your party comes up with a creative solution:

18. And finally, when you're so good you can beat a perception check as a bear:

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