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18 Terrible Design Choices That'll Make You Walk Away From Your Screen

WARNING: This post might cause your eyes to bleed. H/T to r/CrappyDesign.

1. "Yeah, let's make sure the face is on the window."

2. "You we'll know show you how to how to design lead."

3. "Please choose what you'd like to eat."

4. "Boy syrup is on sale on aisle four."

5. "Heal thy burgers."

6. "Screw it, just throw all the words on there."

7. "But how will they know it's a male hand?"

8. "Ehh, close enough."

9. "What's an acronym?"

10. "Perfect. Now stick it to the window. Wait..."

11. "I'm sure the corner won't affect it at all."

12. "leave as WelcomeF May all who guests came asriends."

13. "Put the red in the blue bottle and the blue in the red bottle. No, I don't think it'll be confusing."

14. "Nobody's going to want to charge it and use it at the same time anyway."

15. "Sure, I can make a pie chart. Math isn't my strong suit, though."

16. "You must be an elderly pregnant disabled child to poop here."

17. "What do you mean, there's an easier way to input phone numbers?"

18. "Just tell 'em all to quit."