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    18 People Who Are Probably Saying "Oops" Right Now

    Hopefully they're looking back and laughing at their mistakes, because we definitely are.

    1. The person who misunderstood a fist bump:

    3 years ago, a cute guy I worked with wanted to give me a fist bump...I thought he was pretending to hold an invisible microphone so I leaned forward and said hello

    Twitter: @meganlewis74

    2. The person who forgot about the sunroof:

    RT_P / Via

    3. The person whose nugget contraband came back to haunt her:

    4. Whoever designed this T-shirt and didn't think to read the white letters:

    finnwormser / Via

    5. This mom who planted the wrong idea:

    6. And this mom, who posted the wrong pic:

    7. The person who had the wrong Steve:

    8. Whoever caused this Netflix glitch:

    9. The girl who ate her own words:

    10. This pickle-eater:

    11. The person who applied to the wrong store:

    12. The bigot who used the wrong emoji:

    13. This person, who forgot that her name is verrrrrrry similar to the lead character in Terminator:

    14. Whoever came up with this poster:

    OctoApple / Via

    15. The person who switched languages:

    16. The person who really should change their Google name:

    17. The student who needed a dictionary:

    18. And finally, the person who forgot something very important:

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