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18 Confessions From People Waiting Until Marriage To Have Sex

It's not always because of religion.

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1. Because of losing someone important.

2. Because of exclusivity.

3. To eliminate sex as criteria for a partner.

4. Because of a lack of self-confidence.

5. To make it a "special thing."

6. Because of being bomb-ass.

7. Out of fear of choosing the wrong partner.

8. Because of the risks that come with sex.

9. Because of fear.

10. To avoid rejection.

11. To avoid regret.

12. Because of high standards.

13. Because of devotion.

14. Due to being an introvert.

15. To be clingy with the right person (hopefully).

16. To avoid giving up "something special."

17. Because it will just be between two people.

18. Because of true love.