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18 "Harry Potter" Posts That'll Make You Go "Hmmmmm"

Including an answer to "why do wizards celebrate Christmas?"

1. This excerpt from the book that you might have forgotten:

2. This question about Wizard Jesus:

3. This vastly superior option:

4. This scene that's all too real for parents:

5. This truly excellent meme:

6. This kid who accidentally came up with Dumbledore's Army:

7. This sick burn:

8. This analysis of Harry's dueling capabilities:

9. This dream life:

10. This post, which was definitely written by Hermione herself:

11. And this one:

12. Oh, and this one, which was definitely written by Harry:

13. This call-out post:

14. This idea about the Hogwarts cats:

15. This reboot prediction:

16. This note on the change in tone as the series goes on:

17. This very sad fact:

18. And finally, this alternate Potterverse that we need to see: