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    18 Dumb Yet Hilarious Things That People Actually Believed When They Were Kids

    "I used to think that when actors died in movies or TV shows, that they died for real."

    Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community about the dumb but funny things they believed as kids, like how the Keebler elves controlled traffic lights.

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    That led to even MORE admissions of "kid logic," so here are 18 of the funniest ones:

    1. In memoriam:

    "I used to think that when actors died in movies or TV shows, that they died for real."


    2. It's like Boyhood, but all the time:

    "You know how there are flashback scenes where the characters are shown as kids? Yeah, when I was a kid I thought the actors filmed those scenes as kids and had to wait for years to grow up and film the rest."



    3. All shows are animated, but some have REALLY GOOD animators:

    "I used to think that the people who made movies/shows that were live-action — not animated — were just REALLY good at drawing the characters. I'm embarrassing."


    4. This kid probably heard Whitney or Mariah and was like, "Well, no man can do THAT":

    "For whatever reason I firmly believed men physically couldn't sing until I was about 6 and my mom showed me 'I'm Yours' by Jason Mraz."


    5. A premonition of a driverless future:

    "When I was 4 or 5, I used to think that all cars (except for ours) were empty and just drove themselves places and basically had no particular purpose. Yep, I thought that my family had the only human-operated car. One day I finally looked closely into another car’s window on the highway, and I had a huge realization."


    6. Shaq, the Pepsi thief:

    "There was a commercial in the early '90s of Shaq drinking a Pepsi and everyone’s Pepsi was disappearing simultaneously and the tagline at the end was something like, 'Get your Pepsi before Shaq gets it all.' And so every time I poured a Pepsi and the carbonation bubbles starting disappearing I thought that was Shaq drinking my soda."


    (Here's the commercial, BTW)

    View this video on YouTube

    7. Ask and ye shall conceive:

    "When I was 8, I told my mum that I wanted a little brother. About three weeks later my mum says, 'You know that conversation we had about having a little brother?' and then showed me her bump. I ended up with a baby sister. But for a good couple of years, I thought my mum got pregnant because of our conversation."


    8. Free money:

    "I used to think that ATMs just gave people money when they wanted it. I would get so cross when I'd ask for something and my mum would say she didn't have enough money. Like, there's an ATM RIGHT THERE!"


    9. "Quick, Johnson! Press the button!"

    "I always thought that while live TV was playing, the companies would have a competition over who could press a button to air their commercial first."


    10. "What child is this? No, seriously, what child is this?"

    "In a lot of Nativity scenes, Mary has her hands up in the air and her mouth is in an 'O' shape. For the longest time I thought she just found baby Jesus and that’s why she was surprised."


    Ryanjlane / Getty Images

    11. This is adorable:

    "I thought butterflies made butter."


    12. That kid pronunciation will get you every time:

    "Here's one that my family constantly teased me with when I got older.

    When I was around 4 years old, we were in the kitchen when all of a sudden, I had a grand revelation. 'Ohhh, I get it now! Milk comes from cows, eggs come from chickens, and quackers (crackers) come from ducks!'

    Tiny 4-year-old me couldn't understand why my mother and older brother were laughing so hard."


    13. Turn 'em off and turn 'em back on again:

    "When I was a kid, I used to think that if you flipped someone off, you flipped off a switch in their body. And you’d have to flip it back on by giving them the bird again. So when I was angry, I would flip people off twice...because I didn’t want them to die.

    I realized I was wrong when I went into high school. Because I suck at life."


    PBS / Via

    14. Boys can have a little grilled cheese, as a treat:

    "I used to think grilled cheese sandwiches were called GIRL cheese sandwiches, and that only girls were allowed to eat them.

    I was shocked when my dad ordered one at a restaurant one day and I shouted out that he was 'not allowed to have one because they’re only for girls!'"


    15. Tampons, the miracle cure:

    "As a young girl (before I got a period) I thought that tampons made you feel better when you had your period, and/or stopped you from having it altogether once you used one. Kind of like a painkiller/period stopper. Like the pain and suffering would end with just one hit of a tampon. Because all the girls on TV or in the movies would say, 'Ugh/ow, I started my period, I need a tampon.' I believed one tampon fixed everything."


    16. Please pack up your belongings and PREPARE FOR THE CHUTE:

    "I heard my parents talking about how my dad could lose his job. At one point he must have said, 'They won’t fire me,' and I thought they would put him in a garbage chute that led to a fire. I was terrified of him getting 'fired.'"



    17. Shoot, I gotta renew my artistic license:

    "I asked my mom once, when I was little, why musicians were allowed to use bad grammar in their songs (specifically, I think it was the word 'ain't' in a country song). She told me they were using artistic license. For YEARS, I thought that meant they had to apply for a physical license to use bad grammar in their songs."


    18. And finally, 😭:

    "Dark, but: When I was a kid I saw my mom crying, no idea what for. But her mascara was running and I thought she was EXTRA sad because her tears were black."



    Got a confession about your dumb younger self to share? Let us know in the comments and your story might be featured in a future BuzzFeed post or video!

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