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    17 Tumblr Replies That Made Me Laugh, Alone, In My Apartment

    Sometimes the real winner is in the reblogs.

    1. An easy tip:

    2. It all depends, you see:

    3. A perfect image response:

    4. All of these are true:

    5. I felt this:

    6. Stranger Things, Season 3:

    7. It's technically not incorrect:

    8. A very important tweet to cite:

    9. Both very good takes:

    10. Excellent analysis:

    11. Shut up, brain:

    12. Everybody, get in here! We gotta mock this typo:

    13. *Thwap*:

    14. The Four Horsemen of 2020:

    15. An unwelcome pun:

    16. Uh-oh:

    17. And finally, three responses, all gold: