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    17 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That Get Funnier Over Time

    *Remembers Tumblr post I read two weeks ago* ""

    1. From now on, you'll think of this every time you hear this song:

    2. This will come to mind next time you try to relax:

    3. If you ever encounter one of these, you'll think of this post and chuckle:

    4. Next time you buy something and it costs $4.20, you're gonna think of this:

    5. This'll be in your head every November:

    6. And then every December, you'll be thinking of this when the Christmas music starts:

    7. Careful, the phrase "'Tis I, Mandick the titty smithy" might just pop in your head from time to time:

    8. Same with "Does thoust wish to be dunked upon":

    9. Next time you swear, you'll laugh about this post:

    10. Whenever you're feeling anxious, just think about your Hawaiian shirt brain:

    11. Next time you wear a hoodie, you'll remember the Lonesome Peanut:

    12. Don't even try to see a hot air balloon without saying, "It's a sensitive issue," from now on:

    13. Imagine this the next time you're walking home from work:

    14. And definitely try this next time you empty the dishwasher:

    15. Try not to giggle the next time you have some boba:

    16. Or when you hear "Toxic":

    17. And finally, good luck hearing anything but this next time you hear "The Final Countdown":