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17 More Times Feminists Had The Perfect Comeback

Ain't no clapback like a feminist clapback.

1. This response to an article.

2. This little fact, which is weirdly empowering.

3. This embarrassingly clueless quote.

4. This revision of the lyrics to "Baby Got Back."

5. This overwhelmingly sarcastic response to gendered products.

6. This perfect metaphor for male privilege.

7. This girl's shutdown of an aggressive guy.

8. This response to a cashier's sexist remark.

9. This amazing clapback from the official Star Wars account.

10. This gentle reminder that nobody cares about your clothing opinions.

11. This reminder that you don't need to be what society tells you.

12. This savage response to a dumb meme.

13. And this savage response to an inappropriate remark.

14. This reminder that women can deal with blood just fine.

15. This illustration of basically what we do to men from birth.

16. The ridiculously stupid logic of dress codes.

17. And this rather long story, which is TOTALLY WORTH READING.