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    17 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Say, "Huh, I Learned Something Today"

    "Huh, I didn't know that." —You, reading this post

    1. Cough syrup used to be really hardcore.

    2. Owls have really long legs.

    3. The Greek god Pan had some weird habits.

    4. People have always been complaining about new technology.

    5. Russian cursive is worse than your cursive.

    6. Even ghost dogs are very good dogs.

    7. When you blend idioms it's (informally) known as a malaphor.

    8. You'll actually walk past a lotta murderers in your life.

    9. Santa Claus has a US pilot's license.

    10. There's a fetish called financial domination.

    11. The founding fathers read John Adams' diary in congress and laughed at him.

    12. Florida news is so weird because we get more details from police reports.

    13. We might use the word "nimrod" as an insult because of Bugs Bunny.

    14. Caterpillars basically turn into goo when becoming a butterfly.

    15. The Trojan horse wasn't a gift for the Trojans.

    16. Ostriches flirt with humans.

    17. Ireland accidentally legalized a buncha drugs.