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17 Tumblr Posts About Food That'll Make You Say "That Ain't Right"

Somebody keep these people away from the kitchen.

1. When this was a thing for some reason:

2. When this cake was made:

3. When someone made a terrible confession:

4. When someone learned an important lesson:

5. When the truth was out:

6. When this person introduced themselves:

7. When someone argued for dirt:

8. When someone made a horrible linguistic choice:

9. When someone finally got the portions right:

10. When someone posted a little food hack:

11. When a small battle raged over pineapple pizza:

12. When someone wasted a perfectly good pizza for a meme:

13. When a musical gang war almost broke out:

14. When this monstrosity was made:

15. And this one:

16. When international recipes were summed up:

17. And finally, when candy was used for thirst:

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