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    17 Times America Got Burned By Tumblr

    But we couldn't hear any of it over ALL THIS FREEDOM.

    1. When we didn't want to be like gross-ass yogurt anyway.

    2. When the American version of china was CONVENIENT AND USEFUL.

    3. When someone forgot that we don't run to school. We FLY ON THE WINGS OF FREEDOM.

    4. When Canada forgot its place.

    5. When they didn't see the beauty in this light snack.

    6. When Canada couldn't handle being near all our FREEDOM.

    7. When we liked to have LAWNS so we can play a quick game of football. The ACTUAL FOOTBALL.

    8. When we didn't need other countries anyway.

    9. When no one realized that they said things weird.

    10. When someone didn't even know the number for 911. Duh.

    11. When GREEN was the only color money needed.

    12. When someone dared to insult the bald eagle.

    13. When someone mocked this man's beautiful family.

    14. When "maths" was still dumb.

    15. When simpler was obviously better because we don't have to type all those extra U's.

    16. When they tried to burn us but that just made us a really cool band, so ha ha joke's on you.

    17. And finally, when...uh, we're just going to assume that "unfathomable" means "the opposite of."

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