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    17 Times The Beatles Were Actually Hilarious

    Cheeky to the max.

    1. When John dropped a pretty top-notch dad joke.

    2. When John was very, very relatable.

    3. When John had a little fun with a reporter who hadn't done his homework.

    4. When Paul was honest about their process.

    5. And when George was a little too honest about John's wife.

    6. When a reporter was blocking John's beautiful face.

    7. When Ringo got all shook up over being compared to Elvis.

    8. When John burned Ringo pretty bad.

    9. When George had enough of all the haircut questions.


    11. When John made a very good point.

    12. When George had a brilliant idea.

    13. When John took things too literally.

    14. When George was very succinct.

    15. When Paul was a little bit nicer than John.

    16. When John made it easy for the rich people in the audience.

    17. And finally, when the boys definitely all got along just fine.


    John dropped that top-notch dad joke about zest. A previous version of this post attributed it to Ringo.