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Updated on Aug 11, 2018. Posted on Sep 25, 2015

17 Times "Game Of Thrones" Matched Up Perfectly With "Parks & Rec" Quotes

We're not saying that Jon Snow and Andy Dwyer are ~definitely~ the same person, we're just saying they ~probably~ are.

1. It has come to the Internet's attention that Game of Thrones photos with Parks & Recreation quotes are actually perfect somehow.

Jon Snow and Andy Dwyer: Are they the same person, or are they just almost the same person?

2. Like when Ned had this epiphany.

3. Or when Tywin channeled Ron Swanson.

4. Or when Sansa's face made it actually seem like she was Leslie Knope for a second.

5. Or when Margaery/Leslie totally shipped herself and Sansa/Ann.

6. Or when Daenerys had some Leslie-esque questions.

7. Or when Arya was even thirstier than April.


8. Or when Tyrion and Tom were basically the same person.

"The problem is I only have 15 penises. So, there would have been 28 girls who are really upset with me."

9. Or when Jorah/Andy and Dany/April had this exchange.


10. We all know how good Littlefinger is at schemes, but with Ron's ideas he's somehow even better.

11. Bran inherited his sass from a hungover Leslie.

12. Brienne is basically Leslie Knope all day.


13. And the only person more Ron Swanson than Robert Baratheon...

14. Cersei Lannister.

15. Except when she's channeling April Ludgate.


16. Which works out insanely well.


17. And of COURSE Sam has his Jerry moments.

Just imagine how excited Ben Wyatt would be if he knew about this.

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