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    17 Things You'll Only Get If You Were A Middle School Badass

    All the cool kids could stick their pencils in the ceiling.

    1. You could pull off a sick kick flip on one of these bad boys.

    2. You'd pretend your mechanical pencil was heroin.

    3. You had a super edgy AIM name, probably with "69" in it.

    4. You did this when the adults weren't looking.

    5. You modded your "Sims" game so your Sims could bang.

    Electronic Arts

    6. You had a very edgy and deep Livejournal.

    7. You acted up in class enough to know this face very well.

    8. You passed many a ~secret~ note.

    9. You left graffiti all over your desks...or at least all over your notebook.

    10. You were a serious artist.

    11. You probably broke your fingers like 10 times thanks to these things.

    12. You could stick your pencil in the ceiling every time.

    13. You read every Goosebumps book and you totally weren't scared.

    Scholastic / Via

    14. You were the first kid in school to have a Tamagotchi.

    15. You wore some kind of studded accessory every day.

    16. You were a master of calculator Tetris, especially during math class.

    17. And of course, you gave everyone the equation for this hilarious result.

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