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    17 Little Things To Try If You're Bored Right Now

    Just in case you're bored.

    1. Instantly do an Irish accent.

    2. Or an Australian one.

    3. Try to outsmart your brain.

    4. Chuckle at Google Translate.

    5. Write out the rhythm of "Chim Chim Cher-ee."

    6. Answer your next call like this:

    Call your local auto parts supplier.

    7. Make yourself a fake album cover.

    8. Mess with a cashier.

    9. Overcome self-doubt by swearing at Trump.

    10. Breathe with this GIF and calm right down.

    11. Fold a shirt in like three seconds.

    13. Say this to an acquaintance.

    14. Adjust your iTunes settings.

    15. Use one of these templates to prank your co-workers.

    16. Start swearing in ice cream flavors.

    17. Just go to Bobbi Babalooney's website.