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17 Teachers Who Absolutely Deserve A Gold Star

Give these teachers all the awards, please.

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1. The teacher who gave a little needed encouragement.

2. The teacher who filled in for an absent student with an important job.

Zach Smith-Clark

3. The teacher who wasn't allowed to teach about condoms so he taught how to "put on a sock" instead.

4. The teacher who found a hilarious way to deal with nappers.

5. The teacher who made chemistry fun.

6. And the teacher who made an exam a little more bearable.

7. The teacher who created the coolest damn club.

8. The teachers who coordinated their yearbook photos every year.

9. The teacher who gave Pluto the respect it deserves.

10. The teacher who believed in consistency.

11. The teacher who held a student's crying baby so she could learn.

Sarit Fishbaine / Via Facebook: sarit.fishbaine

12. The teacher who was generous with the bonus points.

13. The teacher who protested the school's 7 a.m. class time by wearing pajamas.

14. The teacher who has a secret handshake with every single student.

Barry White Jr. / Via

15. The teacher who really committed to a pun.

16. The teachers who had a Magnum, P.I. theme for photo day.

17. And finally, the teacher who gave everyone a break at the end of a 50-question test.

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