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    Updated on Jun 4, 2019. Posted on Jun 1, 2019

    17 Signs That'll Make You Say, "Who Did This???"

    First you'll laugh, then you'll shake your head and think, "What were they thinking?"

    1. So...what should I do?

    OMGLMAOWTF_com / Via

    2. I can think of one way, and — spoiler alert — it involves this sign.

    yohiyoyo / Via

    3. You start.

    Ryyi23 / Via

    4. Nice placement!

    mwgreen00 / Via

    5. But...wouldn't that make them not antique?

    OhArse / Via

    6. This is why I have trust issues.

    jesuswig / Via

    7. But...but...

    OhArse / Via

    8. Big mood.

    GnarlyBellyButton87 / Via

    9. Hmmm.

    Camwood7 / Via

    10. How severe, exactly?

    OhArse / Via

    11. Never?

    Falcon10301 / Via

    12. Wait...what?

    thefluffelk / Via


    Junsa / Via

    14. Uh, thanks I guess?

    TheNosferatu / Via

    15. Actually, it looks like there's wine ahead.

    TheNosferatu / Via

    16. NBD, just on mile 6 of a 4-mile trail.

    17. Honestly, the communication here is as clear as any of the rest of these signs. Well done.

    ManicCynic / Via

    H/T to /r/IronicSigns

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