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    17 Reasons We'll Always Miss "Parks And Recreation"

    Why did it have to ennnnnnnnnd?

    1. Ron Swanson taught us many important life lessons.

    2. And how to deal with annoying people.

    3. Donna taught us to be confident and unapologetic.

    4. No character will ever be funnier than Jean-Ralphio.

    5. Except of course for Andy Dwyer.

    6. The show gave us this subtle and clever Matthew McConaughey joke.

    7. Every one of Tom's business ideas were amazing.

    8. Andy always reminded us to let out our inner child.

    9. And April was just generally the best character ever.

    10. Even though it sometimes made you uncomfortable how much you related to her personally.

    11. The show's topical humor was always insanely good.

    12. And the characters we knew and loved never compromised their beliefs.

    13. The guest stars were consistently phenomenal.

    14. And the outtakes were off-the-charts funny.

    15. But nothing in the history of television, future or past, will be funnier than this scene.

    16. So even though Parks & Rec is gone, remember Donna and Tom's advice.

    17. And be the person that Leslie would want you to be.