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    17 Reasons Alaskan Klee Kai Are The Absolute Cutest

    They're like miniature huskies and JUST LOOK AT THEIR LITTLE FACES!

    This is an Alaskan Klee Kai.

    Basically, they're all the joy of a husky in a tiny package.

    Here's why they're totally the best.

    1. They love scratchies.

    2. And belly rubs.

    3. They look great in hats.

    4. They can be goofballs...

    5. Or they can sit there with their paws crossed like proper little gentlemen.

    6. They come in all shapes and sizes.

    7. Sometimes they'll even have different-colored eyes.

    8. They'll always watch the game with you.

    9. (They're into college sports too, of course.)

    10. They're very smart.

    11. They're also excellent drivers!

    12. They're always in the holiday spirit.

    13. And they're patriotic year-round.

    14. They're major cuddlebugs.

    15. When they're puppies they're just the fuzziest little balls of fuzz there ever was.

    16. They're very vocal (if you're into that).

    Be sure to check out the National Klee Kai Rescue or your local shelter to find klee kais and klee kai mixes that need a new home!

    17. In short, klee kai are the greatest ever.