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    17 Puns That You'll Need To Be A Little Clever To Get

    I'm sorry, everyone.

    1. This cautious pun.

    2. This overwhelmed pun.

    3. The pun that totally nailed it.

    4. The pun that made a lot of people miss the punch line.

    5. This instrumental pun.

    6. This pun, which is just wrong on so many levels.

    7. The pun that you can sing along to.

    8. This pun, which is angling for a laugh.

    9. This revolutionary pun.

    10. This long pun that gets you at the last moment.

    11. The pun that got this guy disowned.

    12. This pun, which requires knowledge of Mesopotamian architecture to get.

    13. The pun that'll have you Rowling in the aisles.

    14. And this one.

    15. This pun, which has a particular set of skills.

    16. This pun from the '90s.

    17. And finally, if this pun doesn't make you slam your head onto your desk, nothing will.

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