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    17 Posts That Were Funny Enough To Actually Make Me Chuckle At My Desk

    Even if it was just a chuckle, I actually laughed at each of these.

    1. This top-notch pun:

    2. This accurate description:

    3. This insult battle:

    4. This imagined bee scene:

    5. The description of this comic:

    6. The final Amazon review in this post:

    7. This unfortunately placed radish:

    8. This album idea:

    9. This forlorn product model:

    10. This linguistic observation:

    11. The second joke involving the word "propaganda" in this post:

    12. This very sexy idea:

    13. Cate Blanchett's robot hand:

    14. This Trojan observation:

    15. This scientific post:

    16. This riff on the "You live like this?" meme:

    17. This proof that we're the dumb ones:

    My cat, an idiot: Those ornaments look exactly like my toys. Why can’t I play with them? Me, pinnacle of animals: That felt frog wearing a top hat is to celebrate The Lord

    18. And finally, this very long, very rude wizard battle: