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17 Posts That Prove Your Brain Is An Asshole

Me: *doing fine, minding my own business.* My brain: PANIC ABOUT NOTHING!!!

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1. It can't remember anything important.

2. Honestly, it should be fired sometimes.

3. Because it makes a big deal out of nothing.

4. It gets random songs stuck in it sometimes.

5. It even gets weird, random phrases stuck in it.

6. It's never as nice as you want it to be.

7. It's always overconfident.

8. It totally shits the bed during any test.

my brain during the true or false portion of any test:

9. Sometimes it just runs away from you.

10. No matter how many times you practice, it can't communicate properly.

11. Sometimes it just freaks out for no reason.

12. It always finds something to worry about.

my brain all day: is everyone mad at me all night: we're all going to die

13. And it deals with that worry by demanding delicious snacks.

Me: God, I just feel so Brain: HUNGRY M: No, I'm very alone. I desperately want B: FOOD M: Part of me is missing. All I need is B: PRINGLES

14. It almost never approves selfies.

15. It argues with you all the time.

16. It overreacts.

17. And of course, whenever you really need it, it just checks out.

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