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    Updated on May 29, 2019. Posted on May 16, 2019

    17 Posts That Are 100% Hilarious And 200% Relatable

    You know a book is good when you stop reading and forget where the hell you are.

    1. The delicate balance of staying cool at night (while making sure demons don't eat your leg):

    2. Never being satisfied with shuffle:

    3. Being impatient about those Amazon orders you made:

    4. Never knowing whether to fight or say "fuck it":

    5. Having a suddenly dramatic moment:

    6. Strugglin':

    7. Always getting booted down the page:

    8. Gathering courage for two hours to have a two-second conversation:

    9. Overestimating traffic:

    10. Having arguments with inanimate objects:

    11. Tracing back where your anxiety started:

    If you double saved before exiting a game as a kid you have anxiety now

    12. Being excited about boats:

    13. Putting down a book and being like, "Where am I":

    14. Always scheduling things for on the hour or half hour:

    15. Watching cat yawns:

    16. Feeling like you distributed your stats wrong:

    17. And finally, just...knowing this is 100 percent true about the Beatles:

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