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    17 Images That Are Absolutely Cursed

    The internet is full of cursed images.

    1. This big bite:

    2. This makeshift mug:

    3. The feetloaf:

    4. This photo, which exists outside of time:

    5. This inexplicable meme:

    6. This shortcut:

    7. This eerie Furby:

    8. This past tense conjugation:

    9. This holy bowl:

    10. This terrible pun:

    11. A human Sonic the Hedgehog:

    12. This near-death experience:

    13. The worst thing to do with a warm Go-Gurt:

    14. This meme:

    15. This photo, which actually causes physical pain just by looking at it:

    16. This description:

    17. And finally, Mike Wazowski with two eyes:

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