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Only Old Millennials Did This Awesome Stuff When They Skipped School

Raise your hand if you ever took some of that pink medicine out of an alligator spoon.

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1. First off, your mom almost definitely gave you some medicine using this:

2. Then you'd turn on the TV for a little bit of this:


3. Maybe some of this:


4. Definitely this guy:


5. Some of this sweet justice:


6. (And some of this if your parents weren't around):


7. If weekday morning TV got boring, you'd grab one of these:

Vanamo Media / Via

8. For a little bit of this:


9. Or maybe get on one of these:

Michael Gorzka / Via

10. And play a couple hours of this:


11. Lunchtime always came in shapes:

12. And if you got thirsty, these were always nearby:

13. You could crack open one of these for a cozy read:

Disney Adventures

14. Or try not to stress yourself out with one of these:

15. The best thing about skipping school was you didn't have to rush home in order to catch TRL:


16. Or the Disney Afternoon lineup:


17. And when it was time for bed, you could fit in just a little more time on this before going to sleep:

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