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17 Photos You'll Get If You're Kind Of A Piece Of Shit

Listen, it's hard to get your life together, OK?

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1. You set people's expectations low:

2. You have basically zero work ethic:

3. You'll ~follow~ a fitness account, but you won't ~use~ it:

4. You have no idea how to adult:


5. You always have a label:

6. You always think coincidences are about you:

7. You know your limits:

8. You're always half-assing it at work:


9. You don't check your spelling:

10. You don't wake up for anything or anyone:

11. You don't exactly look on the bright side:

12. You have a few unfinished projects:


13. You get excited about the little things:

14. You're not great at time management:

15. You think you know everything, but you don't really:

16. You're an excellent flirt:

17. And finally, you think this is funny: