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17 People Who Realized Their Mistake Juuuuuust A Little Too Late

Always double-check your work before posting online.

1. Sometimes we forget about something obvious:

2. And sometimes we forget to provide the proper context when posting online:

3. But it's OK to make mistakes. Like, maybe you just wanted some ice cream and didn't think it through:

I was in a park and a lady loudly called out "Anyone who wants an ice cream come over here". I headed over with several others. She handed out ices to them all then asked me "Who are you?". I realised the rest were all her family. 30 years later I still cringe.

4. Or maybe you didn't realize that Siri will sign your emails for you:

5. Maybe you're not up to date on the lingo:

6. It's easy to forget that, like, people can read what you tweet:

7. Heck, sometimes you just forget about trees:

Friend has been complaining about finding an avocado on his lawn every day for weeks now. Why would someone keep throwing avocados in his yard? Who would do that? You guys he just realized he has an avocado tree

8. It's important not to push yourself too hard...

9. ...or your health might suffer, ya know?

10. Sometimes you have to read between the lines:

11. Or double-check to make sure you're texting the right number:

12. Maybe triple-check, actually:

13. Hey, words can be hard, right?

14. Like, really tough:

15. But there's no shame in it:

16. So in 2020, let's remember that we all make mistakes:

17. But, you know, still be careful not to end up like this guy: