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17 People Who Lied And Promptly Got Called The Fuuuuuck Out

Quit Your Bullshit 2018.

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1. The couple who should really take care of that pest problem.

2. The YouTuber who mayyyyy have faked his prank.

3. The people who forgot to check the artist.

4. The 15-year-old genius.

Xalteox / Via

5. The person with an innocent dog.

6. The person who used a filter.

7. The guy who definitely gets laid a lot.

LotharBoin / Via

8. The person who totally wasn't being political.

youandmeandrainbows / Via

9. The guy who just happened to go through the many steps required to send a video of one's dick, by accident.

10. The artist.

11. The "accidental" selfie-taker.

12. The person whose "husband" made the comment.

13. The guy selling "never been worn" glasses.

Axwe8 / Via

14. The very popular Facebooker who was clearly hacked and definitely did NOT post this themselves for attention.

youmeandrainbows / Via

15. The guy who lied about the wrong celebrity.

16. The guy who was definitely trying to sell a truck.

17. And finally, the person who went to great lengths to claim that they made a store-bought cake.

stopscopiesme / Via

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