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17 People Who Were So, So Close

They tried, bless their hearts.

1. The guy who got a noino burger:

2. The person who wasn't up to date on slang:

3. The person who was fooled:

4. The person who took a second:

5. The guy who took Siri too far:

6. This very adult, grown-up person:

7. The person who didn't get palindromes:

8. The person who was clearly hungry:

9. The person who wasn't good at science:

10. The lady who forgot something very important:

11. The person who didn't get the question:

12. The person who just loved the POTUS:

13. The person who spoke at the wrong moment:

14. This Northern Irishman:

15. The kid who couldn't troll:

16. The person who wasn't up on their stone structure knowledge:

17. And finally, the person who forgot about liquids:

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