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    17 Funny Tinder Messages That'll Make You Glad You're Not Single

    Sometimes you gotta destroy any chance of a date just to make a great pun.

    1. The person whose requirements were not very specific.

    SwagNuts / Via

    2. The person whose fun fact was NOT fun.

    ikilldinosaurs / Via

    3. The poet with a hidden message.

    drewhead118 / Via

    4. The person with a hell of a bio.

    TheGlitch32 / Via

    5. These two financial experts.

    RandallBarber / Via

    6. The person who made the most of a second chance.

    ZombieAbeVigoda / Via

    7. The person who actually kinda made it work.

    Free6000 / Via

    8. The guy who had the body of a Renaissance statue.

    GoGata_17 / Via

    9. The person who couldn't take a compliment.

    TrevorD1123 / Via

    10. The person who was ready to give up a kidney or two.

    sarcasmusex / Via

    11. The person who swiped for grammar.

    MohPuns1 / Via

    12. The person who sent a helpful number.

    SageOfDreams / Via

    13. The person who didn't understand the hint.

    14lol123 / Via

    14. The person who had no problem blowing up the conversation.

    Kevinabc12345 / Via

    15. The person who had no problem bragging out their skills.

    rachelbisso / Via

    16. The person who just went for it.

    voodeuteronomy / Via

    17. And finally, Batman.

    DrewHead118 / Via