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If You Can Get Through This Post Without Gagging, Congratulations

Arrest them all.

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1. The person who simmered their cereal.

2. The person who made chocolate-cheese toast.

3. And the person who made chocolate mac and cheese.

4. The person who ate hot cheetos and pickle juice out of a bowl.

5. The person who put ketchup(?) in milk(?!?!).

6. The person who DIY'd some peanut M&Ms.

7. The person who flipped the script on pineapple pizza.

8. The person who put peas and mayo on pizza.

9. The person who put frickin' CANDY CORN on pizza.

10. And the person who forgot to ask for sauce and cheese.

11. The person who made Big Mac parfaits.

12. The person who made a shells & cheese martini.

13. The person who made a ramen and cheese sandwich.

14. The person who apparently microwaves their mayonnaise.

15. The person who photoshopped this monstrosity.

16. The person who made some art.

17. And finally, the person who was arrested for their Pop-Tart & cheese sandwich.

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