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17 People Who Asked Very, Very Important Questions

"I wonder if my dog thinks I hold onto the leash so I don't get lost."

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1. What's Ellen's deal?

2. What about Millennial Spock?

3. What happens after 52 pizza rolls?

4. Centaur nursing: How does it work?


5. Ants: dicks or nah?

6. What about Chewbacca?

7. All bugs: Why?

8. Who's walking whom?


9. Who's Ronald Reagan?

10. Twin dicks: What's the deal?

11. If you deliver a Digiorno, does it become delivery?

12. Are dogs just trying to be helpful?


13. Do giraffes get freaky?

14. Are Emma and Evan, like, splitting boxes of Clairol?

15. Is there ANY way to read comfortably in bed?

16. How many calories are in me?

17. And finally, did ever get a good answer?