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    17 Hilarious Tumblr Posts For People Who Took French In School

    Á gauche, Snapchat. Á droit, Snapchien.

    1. This epic pun:

    2. This entire string of epic puns:

    3. And this one, which takes a while but is so worth it:

    4. This literal translation of French counting:

    5. And this literal translation of a simple question:

    6. When someone tried to mock the French and the French clapped back:

    7. And when it happened again:

    8. This confession:

    9. This small but significant typo:

    10. This literal translation that gets a little dark:

    11. This Potter-related realization:

    12. The fake French on these signs:

    13. And whatever is going on in this post:

    14. This simple explanation:

    15. This explanation for all the revolutions:

    16. This warning:

    17. And finally, this proof that French is the best language: