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    If You're A Musician, You'll Get These Jokes

    Warning: puns about clefs ahead.

    1. This short lesson:

    2. This perfect analogy for anxiety:

    3. This string of puns:

    4. This truly inspirational arrangement:

    5. This truth:

    6. This major pun:

    7. This notation that will likely be ignored:

    8. This clever joke:

    9. This notation that really is just a shark:

    10. This loooooong string of puns:

    11. This very relatable direction:

    12. This giggle-inducing piece:

    13. This story about dynamics:

    14. This IRL pun:

    15. This truth:

    16. This pun battle:

    17. And finally, this summary of operas by composer: