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    17 Hilarious Ways People Found Out Santa Isn't Real

    "I knew Santa wasn't real when my dad asked me to leave out beer and fries instead of cookies and milk."

    1. When Greg was not clever.

    2. When this person took #StrangerDanger seriously.

    3. When poor Dad got poisoned.

    4. When technology caught Santa.

    5. When Dad didn't have a sweet tooth.

    6. When this person found out a little late.

    7. When the mall double-booked.

    8. When the tooth fairy blew the whole conspiracy wide open.

    9. When Dad got a little loopy.

    10. When Mom put Jesus first.

    11. When Grandma was real as hell.

    12. When the "bad list" failed miserably.

    13. When reality set in at the mall.

    14. When Dad should've used his inside voice.

    15. When the beard told the story.

    16. When Grandma decided 11 was old enough.

    17. When it was this simple.

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