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17 Fictional Characters Who People Hate With A Burning Passion

"That little know-it-all kid with glasses from Polar Express."

This week, Redditor u/CleverUseOfGameMecha asked, "What fictional character do you absolutely hate?" And oh man, did people have THOUGHTS.


Here are some of the most vitriolic replies:

1. Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City


"I remember that one time her husband just wanted to chill out and she made a big stink about going to some event. She's the epitome of a me, me, me person."


2. Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter

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"In the books, Rita writes an article saying Hermione was just using Harry to get in his pants for the fame. It caused an angry fan to send Hermione a letter containing Bubotuber pus, which is essentially like sending her acid.

Fuck Rita Skeeter."


3. Literally everybody in The Great Gatsby

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"Is 'everyone in The Great Gatsby' too broad a stroke?"


4. Charles Miner from The Office


"The 'literally a professional at looking competent to those who know nothing about the actual job, and existentially threatened by those who do' manager."


5. Lily from How I Met Your Mother


"She left Marshall to pursue her passion for art across the country, then just expected him to take her back when it ended up failing. She sabotaged several of Ted’s relationships because she didn’t see how the women would fit perfectly into her own life. She had thousands of dollars of credit card debt that she hid from Marshall when he was deciding on buying a new home. She just randomly steals things from people when she doesn’t like something they did or said. Come to think of it, the only person out of the main five characters that seemed like a genuinely good guy was Marshall."


6. Caillou from Caillou


"Caillou is the biggest asshole ever, and I don't think I really need to explain any further, TBH."


7. Brian from Family Guy


"I hate Brian from Family Guy with a passion. That episode where Quagmire absolutely ripped him a new asshole was like porn to me. He's such a piece of shit."


8. Mertle from Lilo and Stitch


"She constantly picks on Lilo, and when Lilo finally retaliates, Mertle plays the victim. I hate her with all my being."


9. Lotso from Toy Story 3


"He turned Sunnyside into a living hell out of spite."


10. Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory


"Just jumps out of bed as soon as Charlie has that Golden Ticket and needs a chaperone. Dancing a jig like he hasn’t been bedridden all those years."


11. Know-It-All from The Polar Express

Warner Bros.

"One of the most punchable animated faces of all time."


12. Muffy from Arthur


Yeah her character is supposed to be the snobby rich girl, but she goes far beyond being just that. She is rude to all of her friends and doesn't even try to acclimate to her school environment. One time when Francine's family hosted her, she was the worst guest ever, complaining about everything when they were doing the best they can to make her feel welcome, then when Francine was annoyed by it (as anyone would be), Muffy played the victim. Another example is when she scheduled her birthday party the same day as Arthur, even though it wasn't her actual birthday, and Arthur had people from out of town coming in. She just never shows empathy for anyone and her character isn't a good example for children. She has no redeeming values at all.


13. Gabe Ugliano from Percy Jackson

20th Century Fox

"Guy's an abusive asshole and got everything he deserved."


14. Rory Gilmore from Gilmore Girls


"There aren't words to describe how much I absolutely hate her, and what makes it worse it that everyone loves her.

She's entitled and a brat. She said that she didn't like that Dean was with Lindsey a month or two after they broke up, and said that she wanted him to be sad for a little longer WHEN SHE LITERALLY GOT TOGETHER WITH JESS THE NIGHT THEY BROKE UP.

She's been told all her life that she's perfect, then one person says she won't make it as a journalist and she DROPS out of YALE. She then goes on to do more stupid stuff and expects everyone to be okay with it because whatever.

And let's not forget that time she showed up to a job interview totally unprepared because she just assumed she would get the job. And this wasn't when she was 16, she was 32 YEARS OLD."


15. Severus Snape from Harry Potter

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"He's in no way redeemed by his stalkerish obsessive 'love' for Lily or by his death. He's a piece of shit through and through and the only sad thing about his death is that people pretend it redeems him.

He joined the dark wizards entirely of his own volition, because he agreed with them. Only when it personally affected him because the object of his lust got killed did he turn against Voldemort."


16. Stannis Baratheon from Game of Thrones


"He never shuts up about 'rightful heirs' and such, he always talks about honor, etc. — but that's the guy who betrayed his rightful king to help his brother usurp the throne. And throughout the first book, it is stated that he knew about Cersei betraying the king, he ignored the king's summons, etc. This all resulted in his brother dying and — surprise, surprise — now he says he's the king.

For someone who won't shut up about honor he has a tendency to ignore it if it doesn't align with his ambitions."


17. Olaf from Frozen


"I think it’s just Josh Gad’s voice, but I’ve always wanted to punt that fucker into a bonfire."


Is there a fictional character that you absolutely despise? Let us know who they are — and why you hate them — in the comments, and we might feature your comment in a future BuzzFeed post or video!

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