17 Awesome Facts About "Wonder Woman" That You Probably Didn't Know

    Umm, that no-man's-land scene almost didn't make the cut.

    1. Gal Gadot was pregnant during shooting.

    2. General Erich Ludendorff was an actual historical figure.

    Ludendorff was a general in the German army during WWI. However, he met a very different fate than in the movie, as he resigned and fled to Sweden after a failed offensive.

    3. Gadot had no clue what she was auditioning for at first. All she knew was that it was a “secret” role.

    4. Chris Pine improvised some of that awkwardly adorable boat scene.

    5. The movie is banned in Lebanon due to the country's conflict with Israel.

    6. Director Patty Jenkins had to fight for that no-man's-land scene to make the cut.

    7. Want to know why Themyscira was so beautiful? Those scenes were shot on Italy’s Amalfi Coast.

    8. During shooting for the Themyscira scenes, some of the Amazon actresses’ husbands would show up on set to support them.

    9. Gadot trained six hours a day for six months in preparation for the role, gaining 17 pounds of muscle.

    10. Gadot describes Wonder Woman’s fighting style as a mix of martial arts called “WonderFu.”

    11. The Amazons were trained by the same people who worked on 300.

    12. Wonder Woman's origin was originally set during WWII in the comics, but was changed to WWI for the movie.

    13. There are two other Amazons in the movie who have been Wonder Woman at some point in the comics.

    Ann Wolfe, a famous boxer, plays Artemis. Martial artist and stunt actor Mayling Ng plays Orana. Both characters have taken on the mantle of Wonder Woman in the comics at some point.

    14. The scene where Diana protects Steve from a bullet in an alleyway is a nod to Richard Donner's Superman.

    In the 1978 movie, Superman (dressed as Clark Kent) protects Lois Lane by catching a bullet with his hand. Here, Wonder Woman (dressed as Diana Prince) protects Steve Trevor by blocking a bullet with her wrist.

    15. That ice cream moment came straight from Justice League #3, published in 2013.

    16. Prior to getting the role of Wonder Woman, Gadot considered giving up acting.

    17. Patty Jenkins says that Gadot was the one on set who would break character and laugh the most.